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Dear Friend in Prayer,

Are you looking to better your life and meet challenges including:

  • Financial Worries - Job Loss - Home Loss
  • Health Concerns
  • Relationship Problems
  • Finding a Purpose in Life

If so, you can change your life and get closer to God through prayer.  In our new book we will show you how to attract blessings into your life through the power of praying the 7 Great Prayers and affirmation prayers.

Paul & Tracey McManus

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Use these prayers to connect with God so that He may lead you to the answers to your prayers. It is our hope that the 7 Great Prayers help you along your path to a life full of abundance and blessings.

When you receive blessings, please send us an email. We will share your prayer insights with others to inspire them to use and accept the gifts of prayer so the blessings you receive will be amplified over and over.

God bless you and yours,

Paul McManus

Tracey McManus

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Prayer works! Tracey and I have seen amazing blessings in our own lives.

Prayer has given me the strength to meet challenges in relationships, health and finances. I have a closer connection with God and a better ability to know how I am to carry out God's will.

But, if you're like me, even though you like to pray and understand the power of prayer, you sometimes just can't find the time in your busy life to pray. Yet Jesus asked us to "pray without ceasing."

I've timed it. It takes just 7 minutes to read this web page. I'm asking you, for your own sake, to invest 7 minutes of your time right now. Learn more about our new book, The 7 Great Prayers and about the companion prayer CDs.

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Why do so many prayers go unanswered?

The answer is a simple one. People cease praying. You cannot stop praying. You must pray every day as Jesus did.

The companion CDs to The 7 Great Prayers make it easy to pray without ceasing.

It took Thomas Edison thousands of tries to make the light bulb work. He finally did it! Why? Because he never stopped trying. The same is true of prayer. To get closer to God and to find the answers you seek, you have to...

"...pray without ceasing."
(Thess. 5:17)

Here's the best part. Jesus didn't tell us to memorize long complicated prayers. Nor did Jesus tell us that our prayers had to be poetic.

Prayer in its simplest terms is you talking with God and then listening to Him for His answers and direction.

So, what's the best way to pray to God? Again, Jesus tells us...

"...whatever things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive."
(Mat. 21:22)

I promised you that it would take just 7 minutes to read this web page, so I am not going to go on and on about how to best pray. You can learn more about prayer in my emails, and you can learn everything inside of Tracey's and my new book, The 7 Great Prayers.


Do you want to get closer to God?

Do you need hope and strength to get through financial or health challenges?

Are you trying to find greater happiness, a mate or a job?

If so, take comfort and find strength in prayer. To help you, I would like to send you the 7 Great Prayer Double CD Set FREE when you order my new book, The 7 Great Prayers. The CDs are designed to be used along with the book to help you find your path to abundance and blessings.

I've spent years writing and developing the 7 Great Prayers CDs because I believed and still do that this is to be my life's ministry.

Because I didn't cease trying, didn't cease praying and did not cease believing in the power of God, the CDs are ready to be listened to by people worldwide in their cars, offices and homes before going to sleep. When you order the book now, I'll send you two Prayer CDs absolutely FREE!

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On each CD are over 60 minutes and 100 powerful prayers, including the 7 Great Prayers, all read softly over inspirational, classical music.

These CDs are non-denominational. If you believe in God and prayer, the book and CDs are meant for you.

IMPORTANT: As any good Christian knows, praying is not all about "getting your prayers answered." It's also about giving God praise and thanks. The 7 Great Prayers book and CDs have prayers of praise and thanks.

    "Listening to the 7 Great Prayer CDs on a consistent basis grows your relationship with God. Listening to these prayers is like saying them makes it easy to praise God, ask for His blessings, and give Him daily thanks!" - Rev. James Hastings

You'll love the prayers, and you'll love the music!

For the Car, Office and Home

I drive over an hour to work each day, and I start and end my work day in prayer to God. Praying with God is as simple as putting a 7 Great Prayers CD into my CD player and pressing "play." Of all the times to pray, this is one of my favorites, and I know that it will be yours too!

In addition to listening to these prayers in the car, other great times to play the CDs are as background music while you work on your computer, while doing chores around the house or when studying the Bible. They are great to play while going to sleep too.

The short, simple prayers are said as if you are saying the prayers. They are combined with inspirational music and repeated. This special combination of prayers and music is not meant to be played once or twice. They are designed to be played daily so that you too can "pray without ceasing" easily and joyfully.

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Thanks and may you always receive God's blessings!

God bless you and yours,

Paul McManus

Tracey McManus

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Inside our new hardcover book is a 21-Day Prayer Journal too - a simple, powerful way to change your life. Take the challenge and join thousands of people worldwide, all committed to making their lives better through prayer. Writing down your prayers is an incredibly powerful way to attract blessings into your life.

Use the 21-Day Prayer Journal with the book, prayer cards and FREE prayer CDs to learn how to attract God's many and different blessings like,

Health * Financial Stability * Friendship * Love
A closer relationship with God
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