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Hope is Here

Discover the power of the 7 Great Prayers.

My name is Paul McManus. My wife Tracey and I have written a book that we believe will be important in your life and in the lives of those who are dear to you.

In The 7 Great Prayers, you will learn a simple and powerful way to attract blessings into your life through the power of praying the 7 Great Prayers. These life-changing prayers provide strength and inspiration to help meet life’s challenges, including:

The 7 Great Prayers video about prayer, financial prayers and prayer power.
  • Financial Worries
  • Health Concerns
  • Relationship Problems
  • Finding Direction and Purpose in Life

The Right Book for the Right Time

We wrote the 7 Great Prayers out of our own experience with financial and personal hard times. In the wake of the dot-com bust, we had lost our jobs, our savings had evaporated, and we were losing our home. One sleepless night, scared and nearly paralyzed by our fear, we lay in bed and prayed a simple, spontaneous prayer. We thanked God for the blessings in our lives focusing on what we had - our health, each other, our three beautiful children - rather than on all that we were losing and had lost.

That prayer of gratitude was life-changing

The very next day, we felt a surge of hope and strength in our lives. Soon, we had created six more simple prayers that helped to bring us closer to God every day and helped attract new blessings into our lives.

Friends, family and neighbors were drawn to the prayers and asked for them.

We gathered the prayers into a powerful book, The 7 Great Prayers. Eager to share our newfound hope, I created a simple Web page about the 7 Great Prayers. Soon over 20 million people from across the globe visited the Web site. As word spread, Tracey and I received orders from 163 countries for our self-published book.

These powerful prayers gave hope to people of all nationalities and faiths, brought them a closer connection to God, kept them positive through difficult times, and deepened their love for life. The 7 Great Prayers became a grass roots phenomenon that swept the internet.

Now, The 7 Great Prayers is here in a new edition that will be in bookstores soon – for the very first time. The 7 Great Prayers has touched the lives of millions of people.

We pray it will do the same for you as you find inspiration in its pages today.

May God bless you and yours always.

With love,

The 7 Great Prayers Author, Paul McManus The 7 Great Prayers Author, Tracey McManus
Paul McManus
Tracey McManus
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Our Prayers Were Answered

Financial Worries

Health Concerns


Have you lost your job? Do you fear you will soon lose your job? Are you out of money? Are you losing your home; or in foreclosure? Are you gripped in fear? Are you depressed? Anxious and stressed? Do you lack energy? Are you in need of emotional or physical healing? Are you lonely? Do you seek companionship? Are you having family or friend relationship challenges? Do you want to get closer to God and have purpose in life?

There is HOPE

There is HELP

You Can be Blessed

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